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EURO-COMPOSITES® S.A. is proud to announce our new Sales Representative for the USA and Canada:

AB Aero Partners LLC 2015 2nd Avenue Suite 1903 Seattle, WA 98121 Mobile: 001 206 369 3049 Email: arne.thompson@euro-composites.us Web : www.abaeropartners.com

Arne Thompson and his team will support EURO-COMPOSITES® S.A. in all sales activities concerning value added products like panels, assemblies, finished parts, MRO-products and refits.

Mr. Thompson is a dedicated and experienced expert in the aviation industry and will be very helpful for EURO-COMPOSITES® to expand its activities in targeting Airline Technical Services with high quality parts and solutions.

For plain honeycomb sheets, formed and milled honeycomb please contact as before:

13213 Airpark Drive
Elkwood, VA 22718

Matt Slusher
Executive Vice President, Sales & Business Development
Phone:  540–727–8467
Fax:        540–829–6611

Only one thing has always remained unchanged: Our aim for the quality of our products and services.