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New Capabilities in the United States

December 2015, Installation of four CNC milling units in American subsidiary in 2015

The American subsidiary EURO-COMPOSITES® Corporation in Culpeper, VA, is expanding its machining capacities. In the course of this year four CNC units have been installed. This is an increase of machining capability in terms of quantity and quality.

The new CNC machines can handle Carbon fiber due to included protections, full machine enclosures, and higher torque spindles.  These units have better tolerances, accuracy, and repeatability compared to previous CNC machines which makes the milling of core details in Nomex® or Kevlar® honeycomb more precise.

With machining dimensions of up to 10,000mm x 3,050mm x 1,800mm (32.8ft x 10ft x 5.9ft) much larger parts can be processed than before, opening up the potential to handle entirely new types of parts such as wing assemblies, control surfaces, or rotor blades.



Only one thing has always remained unchanged: Our aim for the quality of our products and services.