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Our latest product ECM-3D

The novel innovation of EC for preformed parts! Aluminium Honeycomb flexible in 3D

We proudly present our novel innovation for preformed parts!

In 2014 we have developed an innovative cell geometry allowing a design that was previously approximately achievable by complex processing such as assembling the form of individual pieces of honeycomb.

Unlike the classic hexagonal honeycomb the new 3D honeycomb generation can be brought in almost any desired shape. Our ECM-3D offers many advantages in terms of design and processing. The benefits of our product are the excellent formability in all directions without any node bond failure at small radius or greater thickness of the honeycomb sheets. The patented cell geometry also allows small cell sizes and can be processed with the prepreg / oven process under vacuum into components (out-of-autoclave). At the same time we achieve similar densities, compressive and shear values ​​ compared to the classic hexagonal cell geometry. This process allows a variety of combinations of materials, cell size and densities.

Currently, the following honeycomb type is available:

ECM 3D 6.4-88 (aluminum 3003 with zirconia coating)

More honeycomb types are available on request. Please let us know what type honeycomb and what combination of materials you need for your application.

Only one thing has always remained unchanged: Our aim for the quality of our products and services.