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We are proud to present our new development:

EC-3D Polyshape Core

With its almost unlimited formability versatile three-dimensional contours can be easily created.

This core can be processed cost-effectively at room temperature. You have the possibility to process this core yourself or leave the production of even large-volume, complex and large-format geometric parts to us. We machine your honeycomb components to final contour by single or double sided CNC machining, optionally in combination with splicing, potting, stabilizing films and slots. Our forming process is qualified by several OEMs.

Use our Polyshape Core made of glass fiber and NOMEX® for your components in aircrafts, helicopters, boats and any other applications.

The honeycombs are available in cell geometries 6.4mm and 9.6mm. For more technical details please feel free to contact us at: aviation@euro-composites.com

Seule notre exigence sur la qualité de nos produits et de nos services est restée constante durant toutes ces années.