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Benefit today from our wide range of panels.

The EC Group offers you an extensive range of panels for your specific application and finishing situation.

We meet your requirements with a wide range of possible combinations of core materials (e.g. aluminium, Kevlar®, Nomex®, etc.) with various cover skins (e.g. aluminium, carbon, quartz glass, etc.), several adhesives and resin systems.

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EC-Group offers you a wide range of Added Value Products

Our new and trend-setting products

Rolls-Royce Qualification for EURO-COMPOSITES S.A.®

Benefit today from our wide range of panels.

Get an overview of our extensive Honeycomb Core Portfolio.

The EC Group, a global player in the field of high quality composite materials, offers you full support for cabin interior retrofit and upgrade solutions to comply with new hygiene recommendations. Please do not hesitate to get in contact with your local sales contact for any request. EC’s Design Organisation EASA.21J.661 provides you the following products including complete Minor Change documentation and adjustments to your needs.

EC would like to inform its valued customers of stock materials (Nomex, Kevlar and glass core) which are available at special conditions.

EURO-COMPOSITES® Signs Letter of Intent with IAMA’s Founding Members to Join the Alliance as an Advisory Member

investiert in den nächsten 10 Jahren 160 Millionen Euro in den Standort Luxemburg

EASA.21J.661 Design Organization certificate for EURO-COMPOSITES®

AB Aero Partners LLC 2015 2nd Avenue Suite 1903 Seattle, WA 98121 Mobile: 001 206 369 3049 Email: arne.thompson@euro-composites.us Web : www.abaeropartners.com

August 2017: Euro-Composites® S.A. hat die Zertifizierung als Luftfahrttechnischer Betrieb nach EASA Part145 erhalten

Die Weltneuheit von EC für Freiformteile! 3D verformbare Aluminiumwabe

Januar 2014, die Stadt Echternach zeichnet den Chairman & CEO für seinen langjährigen unternehmerischen Erfolg aus.

EC hat das NADCAP Re-Audit zum wiederholten Male in Folge ohne Feststellungen bestanden.

EURO-COMPOSITES® ist weltweit das erste Unternehmen mit NADCAP qualifizierter Wabenproduktion.

Eines ist immer konstant geblieben: Unser Anspruch an die Qualität unserer Produkte und Dienstleistungen.