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FSW products

FSW (Friction Stir Welding) is an innovative low-temperature welding process. Due to rotation and pressure of a tool frictional heat is produced and the parts soften plastically in the area of the rotating tool without reaching the melting point thereby joining the parts.

FSW allows light weight solutions, that contrary to conventional products still allow the customer to apply many processing and treatment technologies like welding, cathodic bath coating, powder coating, etc.

Single extruded profiles are used to weld together larger structures. This technology offers big advantages as a cost-effective process in cases where large extrusions with thin walls or an asymmetrical design need to be manufactured.

With our modern double-head welding unit we can produce large-format panels with dimensions of 3000 x 13540mm. Due to the single-step welding of both sides a flatness of 2mm per running meter is possible.

Only one thing has always remained unchanged: Our aim for the quality of our products and services.