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Kevlar® Honeycomb

The ECK honeycomb has highest strength at lowest weight!

ECK-core is a non-metallic, light-weight structural material mainly used as core element in sandwich composite constructions.

For the production of this core para-aramide fibres calendered to a foil are coated with phenolic resin.

The ECK-core possesses extremely high strength-to-weight ratios. It is also electrically and thermally insulating, chemically and corrosion as well as shock and fatigue resistant.

The ECK-core is formable and self-extinguishing. These properties make ECK-core an ideal construction material for light-weight applications.

Typical applications in the aircraft industry are for vertical and horizontal stabilizers, fairings, hatrack parts, wing parts, interiors, floorings, leading edges, gear doors and for racing yachts and boats as structural parts.

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