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We provide our honeycomb for a variety of applications and markets!

EURO‑COMPOSITES® manufactures honeycomb core materials from a great variety of raw materials and in a large program of cell sizes and densities.

With our new honeycomb types we support our customers for their new aircraft generations.

Now available products for our customers include the improved Kevlar® honeycomb , the fiberglass honeycomb or the 3 dimensional formable Nomex® honeycomb and the aluminum honeycomb in alloy 3003 with a chrome-free corrosion protection.

In addition, we have developed a novel, perforated aramid honeycomb, which provides venting of the cells with minimal loss of mechanical properties. The perforation of all honeycomb cell sizes and thicknesses is intended for the aviation and space application.

Only one thing has always remained unchanged: Our aim for the quality of our products and services.