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Nomex® Honeycomb

The ECA-(I) honeycomb has extremely high strength-to-weight ratios!

ECA-(I) core is a non-metallic, light-weight structural material mainly used as core element in sandwich composite constructions.

For the production of this core aramid-fibres calendered to a foil are coated with phenolic resin.

The ECA-(I) core possesses extremely high strength-to-weight ratios. It is also electrically and thermally insulating, chemically and corrosion as well as shock and fatigue resistant. Furthermore the  core is easy to form and is self-extinguishing.

These properties make ECA-(I) core an ideal construction material for light-weight applications. Typical applications are for formula 1 racing cars, ski industry, yacht building, light-weight panels, flow directionalisers, rail transport or superstructures.

The standard programme of EURO-COMPOSITES® comprises of ECA-(I) core types with cell sizes ranging from 3.2 to 19.2mm and a density of between 24 and 200 kg/m³. Production of other core types is possible upon enquiry. In addition to the hexagonal cell sizes on offer, a delivery programme is also available for rectangular-celled core, an excellent material for forming purposes.


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EC is the first enterprise worldwide to be qualified for NADCAP with its honeycomb production.

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January 2014, the city of Echternach honors Chairman & CEO for his entrepreneurial success.

The novel innovation of EC for preformed parts! Aluminium Honeycomb flexible in 3D

August 2017: Certification according to EASA Part 145 was granted to Euro-Composites® S.A.

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EASA.21J.661 Design Organization certificate for EURO-COMPOSITES®

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EURO-COMPOSITES® Signs Letter of Intent with IAMA’s Founding Members to Join the Alliance as an Advisory Member

EC would like to inform its valued customers of stock materials (Nomex, Kevlar and glass core) which are available at special conditions.

The EC Group, a global player in the field of high quality composite materials, offers you full support for cabin interior retrofit and upgrade solutions to comply with new hygiene recommendations. Please do not hesitate to get in contact with your local sales contact for any request. EC’s Design Organisation EASA.21J.661 provides you the following products including complete Minor Change documentation and adjustments to your needs.

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