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Nomex® Honeycomb

The ECA-(I) honeycomb has extremely high strength-to-weight ratios!

ECA-(I) core is a non-metallic, light-weight structural material mainly used as core element in sandwich composite constructions.

For the production of this core aramid-fibres calendered to a foil are coated with phenolic resin.

The ECA-(I) core possesses extremely high strength-to-weight ratios. It is also electrically and thermally insulating, chemically and corrosion as well as shock and fatigue resistant. Furthermore the  core is easy to form and is self-extinguishing.

These properties make ECA-(I) core an ideal construction material for light-weight applications. Typical applications are for formula 1 racing cars, ski industry, yacht building, light-weight panels, flow directionalisers, rail transport or superstructures.

The standard programme of EURO-COMPOSITES® comprises of ECA-(I) core types with cell sizes ranging from 3.2 to 19.2mm and a density of between 24 and 200 kg/m³. Production of other core types is possible upon enquiry. In addition to the hexagonal cell sizes on offer, a delivery programme is also available for rectangular-celled core, an excellent material for forming purposes.

Only one thing has always remained unchanged: Our aim for the quality of our products and services.