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Nid d’abeilles en aluminium 3D (ECM-3D)

Our latest product: ECM 3D

Unlike the classic hexagonal honeycomb the new 3D honeycomb generation can bring in almost any desired shape . Our 3D aluminum honeycomb  offers many advantages compared using the conventional aluminum honeycomb. The excellent ductility in all directions allows tight radius or greater thicknesses of honeycomb slices without the risk of structural damage. Furthermore our groundbreaking cell geometry allows small cell sizes with almost the same density, compressive and shear values ​​compared to classic hexagonal cell geometry. The 3D honeycomb can be used with the out-of-autoclave process. This kind of processing allows a variety of combinations of materials, cell sizes and densities.

Currently, the following honeycomb types are available: ECM 3D 6.4-88 (aluminum 3003 with zirconia coating)

Other cell sizes and densities are available on request.

Seule notre exigence sur la qualité de nos produits et de nos services est restée constante durant toutes ces années.