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Owner and operator of this website is

2, rue Benedikt Zender (Z.I.)
L-6468 Echternach
G.D. Luxembourg

Tel : +352 729463-1
Fax : +352 729460
E-mail : info@euro-composites.com
Website: www.euro-composites.com

Registre commerce Luxembourg: R.C. B92542
TVA-Nr.: 1984 2200 949
ID-Nr.: LU 1266 3476


Liability of EURO-COMPOSITES® S.A.

EURO-COMPOSITES® S.A. wishes to use this website to optimally inform its customers and Internet users about the products and services it offers, and to provide access to current information by and about EURO-COMPOSITES® S.A.

The goal of EURO-COMPOSITES® S.A. is to make available current and accurate information. Nonetheless, despite diligent administration of the website and careful formulation of its content, it may occur that certain information is incomplete or imprecise, flawed, or incorrect, or that access to this information is impaired as a result of technical problems. Furthermore, this information has no absolute, universal validity. EURO-COMPOSITES® S.A. attempts to correct all errors of which it becomes aware.

EURO-COMPOSITES® S.A. is not liable for the use of the content published on the pages of this website. This website contains information which, despite proper care and diligence on our part, may not be exhaustive, complete, or current. EURO-COMPOSITES® S.A. is not liable for losses resulting from the use of erroneous, non-current, or incomplete content on this website.

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EURO-COMPOSITES® S.A. similarly disclaims all liability for the use of this website or external websites, as well as for any damage to the Internet user’s computer equipment and system resulting from its use (e.g. viruses, data loss or corruption, etc.).

EURO-COMPOSITES® S.A. may also not be held liable for any interruptions to access to this website, regardless of the type of interruption and any potential losses that may result.

EURO-COMPOSITES® S.A. reserves the right to modify this website, its content, and the services it provides at any time and without prior notice. This website and all rights and obligations arising from it are subject to the laws of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.



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