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Together we develop ready-to-install units according to your ideas!

Many customers are already supplied by EC with almost all plastic or composite components for their products. So the next step for these customers was obvious, to carry out the logistics of materials and accessories as well as the mounting of assemblies.

Our customers can focus on their core business because of the EC-Group as their reliable and efficient system provider. Since we deliver finished assemblies we are able to work with our customers together already in the design phase in order to improve product quality and reduce costs.

For the aircraft industry we provide, for example, toilet modules, galleys and floor coverings of passenger aircrafts. In addition, crew cabins for fire fighting vehicles, mobile containers and ready-to-assemble floor components for rail vehicles are manufactured.

Finished Parts

Pre-finished parts according to your specifications!

Our services include the production of precisely, pre-finished parts with all the necessary inserts, reinforcements, profiles, primers and coatings.

Formed / Machined Parts

Cold and hot forming of honeycomb and sandwich structures.

EURO-COMPOSITES® offers the design and the manufacturing of heat-forming equipment. The corresponding manual and machined processing of honeycomb and parts, as well as the cold and hot forming of honeycomb parts and sandwich structures (two heat forming ovens).


By combining different materials into finished laminates, all component properties can be preserved in order to realize customer requirements in terms of strength and quality.

No matter what material: woven or any type of non-woven material: EURO‑COMPOSITES® combines for the customer fiber materials and resin and manufactures small and large format laminates with the optimum, cost-effective production technology.

Laminates are applied where, for example, only the higher stressed areas need to be thicker than the less exposed segments.

Panels with alternative cores

Your requirements decide our panel design!

An almost unlimited combination of core material, skin material and adhesives. EURO-COMPOSITES® manufactures according to customer requirements the optimal panel for every specific application and processing situation.

For example, possible parameters for the panel design can be weight and strength requirements, fire protection requirements or the behavior in a corrosive environment and temperature resistance.

Finished parts and assembly

Cost reduction through increased vertical integration!

Since EURO-COMPOSITES® manufactures nearly all plastic or composites components for many customers, it became obvious to them to entrust EC to care also for the logistics of accessories and the assembly of the complete component groups– ready for the integration into the final product.

By this our customers can concentrate on their core business as they have a reliable and effective system-provider in the EC-Group.

As EC supplies the complete assembly group, we now can work already in the design stage with the customer to achieve better product properties and lower cost.

FSW products

FSW (Friction Stir Welding) is an innovative low-temperature welding process. Due to rotation and pressure of a tool frictional heat is produced and the parts soften plastically in the area of the rotating tool without reaching the melting point thereby joining the parts.

FSW allows light weight solutions, that contrary to conventional products still allow the customer to apply many processing and treatment technologies like welding, cathodic bath coating, powder coating, etc.

Single extruded profiles are used to weld together larger structures. This technology offers big advantages as a cost-effective process in cases where large extrusions with thin walls or an asymmetrical design need to be manufactured.

With our modern double-head welding unit we can produce large-format panels with dimensions of 3000 x 13540mm. Due to the single-step welding of both sides a flatness of 2mm per running meter is possible.


We provide our honeycomb for a variety of applications and markets!

EURO‑COMPOSITES® manufactures honeycomb core materials from a great variety of raw materials and in a large program of cell sizes and densities.

With our new honeycomb types we support our customers for their new aircraft generations.

Now available products for our customers include the improved Kevlar® honeycomb , the fiberglass honeycomb or the 3 dimensional formable Nomex® honeycomb and the aluminum honeycomb in alloy 3003 with a chrome-free corrosion protection.

In addition, we have developed a novel, perforated aramid honeycomb, which provides venting of the cells with minimal loss of mechanical properties. The perforation of all honeycomb cell sizes and thicknesses is intended for the aviation and space application.

Resin Infusion

Infusion technology for the serial production.

Resin Infusion is used preferably for complex formed sandwich structures or laminates with only one visible side.

EURO-COMPOSITES® uses different infusion techniques with molds and vacuum foil as counter-molds. Components produced with resin infusion gives the advantage of unlimited selection of materials (like  types of fibers, weaves, clutches, etc.) as well as resin systems . This process brings much more flexibility regarding shape, mechanical, thermal and other properties. Furthermore this process also involves a certain independence in to the availability of prepregs.

The resin infusion technique is suitable for small to medium-sized series.

Resin Transfer Molding (RTM)

For larger series or components with double-sided decorative surfaces the resin transfer process is best suited.

For larger series or double-sided decorative surfaces the Resin Transfer-Molding (RTM) process is well suited. Massive closed mold and counter-mold system are used as the resin is introduced under pressure into the mold system.

This process pays off for high quality parts and / or components, which are produced in larger quantities.


Our autoclaves are used for thermal treatment of fiber composite materials in overpressure range.

The thermal treatment of the substances happen in batches because of the typically occurring sealing against the surrounding atmosphere.

The high pressure inside the autoclave is used to compress the individual laminate layers. Generally, the component is simultaneously evacuated in order to completely remove excessive air from the fiber composite.

EURO-COMPOSITES® currently has two autoclaves in operation:

ø 2000 x 6000 mm (6 bar) respectively ø 3000 x 8000 mm (8 bar), with a 24-point respectively 40-point vacuum measuring system and curing temperatures of 180 ° C (standard) up to a maximum of 250 ° C.

Friction Stir Welding (FSW)

Friction Stir Welding (FSW) joins two parts with a specially shaped, rotating tool.

Due to rotation and pressure of the tool frictional heat is produced and the parts soften plastically in the area of the rotating tool without reaching the melting point.

The pin of the tool immerses into the malleable material of the parts and produces by its rotation and shape a homogenous blend along the joining line. The shoulder of the tool forms and smoothes the welding line with only a marginal ridge.

After cooling there is a solid phase joint of the two parts. The process does not need filler wire, welding flux or gas shielding and produces a sealed weld without porosity and without inclusions.

Coating Line

The painting is also part of our services, to relieve you even at this step!

The maximum dimensions of the components to be painted are 3100 x 5200 mm.  The air temperature for drying is continuously adjustable up to a maximum of 120 ° C. All coating systems which are suitable for high pressure airbrushing, can be processed.


CAD / CAM software offers the precise construction of 2- and 3-dimensional shapes.

We use the following CAD software:

Siemens NX, CATIA, Dassault / DELMIA / ENOVIA, Autodesk AutoCAD and following CAM Software: Siemens NX, 3- and 5-axis programming and ISV Integrated simulation and testing.

The data is exchanged via NX or CATIA native format. We use STEP, Parasolid or IGES for 3D. DXF, PDF, CGM are used for drawings and  2D shapes.


Our CNC systems allow high-precision machining of composite products.

CNC machines are automatically able to produce through the use of advanced control technology workpieces with high precision for complex shapes. They exceed mechanically controlled machines in precision and speed.

Our CNC machining systems offer opportunities for full light metal, plastics, wood, foam, honeycomb, laminates and for GRP, CRP and ARP.

Sandwich panel production

Up to 15 meters component length pressable in one single shot!

On our modern presses we manufacture panels and parts with all established core materials and skins of prepreg, aluminum or laminates (HPL and CPL). Our capabilities include 14 presses, with 5  multi-daylight presses and 2 large format presses with 12 meters respectively 15 meters pressable component length.

Honeycomb production

Our production technologies

EURO‑COMPOSITES® has four production lines for the aramid honeycomb production and another line for the production of aluminum honeycomb. We have two printer lines for Nomex®, Kevlar® and one for aluminum. Simultaneous lay-up of 7 blocks with automatic machines plus resources for hand lay-up in case of production peaks is possible. Our honeycomb production consists of one 5-opening-block-press, two 3-opening-block-presses, one single opening RF-block-press, seven dip tanks, four stabilization ovens, eleven curing ovens and sixteen aramid honeycomb saws and two aluminum honeycomb saws.

Quality control and measuring equipment

EURO-COMPOSITES® provides its customers with products and services that precisely meet their demands.

Compliance with customer tolerances is our highest quality objective. Therefore we are improving our testing methods and instruments permanently.

Our testing tools and procedures include universal testing machines (2.5 kN, 50 kN and 100 kN), climate and salt fog spray chambers, heat flux calorimeter (DSC), Titro processing, NBS smoke density measurement, “Food cart roller” testing machine, coordinate measuring Machines (CMM), NDT: Woodpecker, rapping hammer, ultrasonic and laser projection.

Calculation using the finite element method

We can simulate for you!

The finite element method (FEM) is a numerical technique for finding approximate solutions to boundary value problems for partial differential equations.

Friction Stir Welding

FSW (Friction Stir Welding) is an innovative low-temperature welding process. Due to rotation and pressure of a tool frictional heat is produced and the parts soften plastically in the area of the rotating tool without reaching the melting point thereby joining the parts.

EURO‑COMPOSITES® uses a very modern double-head welding unit which is especially suited for the joining of extruded profiles: Maximum dimension for parts are 3000 x 13540 mm (further dimensions on request).

Maximum dimension for single extruded profile are 500 x 3000 mm resp. 3000 x 13540 mm with repositioning. Maximum distance between upper and lower welding tool is 420 mm. Maximum welding line thickness (full material, both heads welding simultaneously) is 10 mm (in AA5xxx and AA2xxx), respectively 18 mm (in AA6xxx).

CAD Construction

Your data will be used in the creation of expressive 3D models!

We can import your 3D CAD data directly and thus ensure full interoperability. The design of mechanical parts in 3D using parametric modeling is also part of our service range.

X-Ray facility

High level non-destructive testing in XXL size!

Our X-ray facility has a length of 6 meters, a width of 4 meters and a height of 3 meters. With these dimensions, we are able to test large components.

Fire Testing

Material testing and risk assessment according to the highest aviation standards!

Our fire tests are designed specifically for the needs of interior design in the civil aviation industry. We examine, for example, after ABD0031 (Airbus Directive). This includes testing and risk assessment of material behavior regarding flammability, heat, smoke and degassing of toxic vapors.  We investigate the fire length, the extinction time and dropping time of the material.

Our test range includes the 60 seconds vertical-burn test, the smoke-density test, the smoke-toxicity test and the heat-release test.

Material Testing

We test our material to its limits and beyond!

The material test is comprised of various test methods by which the performance of our products is determined by mechanical, thermal or chemical stresses. The products are thereby checked for errors and defects and resilience.  Depending on the requirements we can perform both destructive and non-destructive testing.

Nomex® Honeycomb

The ECA-(I) honeycomb has extremely high strength-to-weight ratios!

ECA-(I) core is a non-metallic, light-weight structural material mainly used as core element in sandwich composite constructions.

For the production of this core aramid-fibres calendered to a foil are coated with phenolic resin.

The ECA-(I) core possesses extremely high strength-to-weight ratios. It is also electrically and thermally insulating, chemically and corrosion as well as shock and fatigue resistant. Furthermore the  core is easy to form and is self-extinguishing.

These properties make ECA-(I) core an ideal construction material for light-weight applications. Typical applications are for formula 1 racing cars, ski industry, yacht building, light-weight panels, flow directionalisers, rail transport or superstructures.

The standard programme of EURO-COMPOSITES® comprises of ECA-(I) core types with cell sizes ranging from 3.2 to 19.2mm and a density of between 24 and 200 kg/m³. Production of other core types is possible upon enquiry. In addition to the hexagonal cell sizes on offer, a delivery programme is also available for rectangular-celled core, an excellent material for forming purposes.

Glass Fiber Honeycomb

Highest mechanical properties in relation to its weight!

The glass fiber honeycomb of EURO-COMPOSITES® covers all  specification requirements that are needed in the aviation industry.

EC can combine glass fiber honeycomb with a variety of resins. For example, polyimide and cyanate ester resins can be used to improve high-temperature and radar properties of the product.

Aluminium Honeycomb

Our ECM honeycomb is tailored to your needs with different cell sizes and densities, according to your requirements.

The aluminium honeycomb of EURO-COMPOSITES®  is particularly suitable for different applications in the industrial sector. The material is coated with zirconium oxide in order to prevent corrosion. We offer densities weights of 29 Kg/mup to 130Kg/m3, service temperatures between -55 ° C and 177 ° C and thicknesses up to 300 mm.

Kevlar® Honeycomb

The ECK honeycomb has highest strength at lowest weight!

ECK-core is a non-metallic, light-weight structural material mainly used as core element in sandwich composite constructions.

For the production of this core para-aramide fibres calendered to a foil are coated with phenolic resin.

The ECK-core possesses extremely high strength-to-weight ratios. It is also electrically and thermally insulating, chemically and corrosion as well as shock and fatigue resistant.

The ECK-core is formable and self-extinguishing. These properties make ECK-core an ideal construction material for light-weight applications.

Typical applications in the aircraft industry are for vertical and horizontal stabilizers, fairings, hatrack parts, wing parts, interiors, floorings, leading edges, gear doors and for racing yachts and boats as structural parts.

Panels with alternative covering sheets

Your requirements decide our panel design!

An almost unlimited number of combinations of core material, skin material and adhesives. The customer`s requirements are the base  for EURO-COMPOSITES® to construct the optimal panel for the application and processing situation. The panel design is depending on, for example, weight, strength or fire protection requirements,  behavior in a corrosive environment and temperature resistance.

Clean Rooms

The highest level of quality assurance!

In our clean rooms, the concentration of airborne particles is kept as low as necessary to produce and test high-precision products for you.

Aluminium Honeycomb 3D (ECM-3D)

Our latest product: ECM 3D

Unlike the classic hexagonal honeycomb the new 3D honeycomb generation can bring in almost any desired shape . Our 3D aluminum honeycomb  offers many advantages compared using the conventional aluminum honeycomb. The excellent ductility in all directions allows tight radius or greater thicknesses of honeycomb slices without the risk of structural damage. Furthermore our groundbreaking cell geometry allows small cell sizes with almost the same density, compressive and shear values ​​compared to classic hexagonal cell geometry. The 3D honeycomb can be used with the out-of-autoclave process. This kind of processing allows a variety of combinations of materials, cell sizes and densities.

Currently, the following honeycomb types are available: ECM 3D 6.4-88 (aluminum 3003 with zirconia coating)

Other cell sizes and densities are available on request.


Individual training courses, held by experienced experts for groups/companies/interested persons

Our training courses are customized to the various specific demands of companies and different customers. We offer training for everybody who is interested in well-founded education within the scope of Design Organization approval (EASA Part 21 J), Production Organization approval (EASA Part 21 G), cabin safety and STC. We target not only companies who want to expand the capabilities by acquiring Part 21G or Part 21 J approval, but also experienced professionals aiming to refresh their know-how or to gather a first overview of a new field of operation.

All trainings come with a certificate and are held by approved experts with practical experience on a high level.


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