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Company History

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Start of production at EURO-COMPOSITES® S.A. in Echternach Luxembourg

First honeycomb order by Henshall Bonded Assemblies, UK

Qualification of honeycombs and of the production site according to LN 29970 by MBB GmbH, Germany and Airbus Group

Spring 1987
Qualification of honeycombs and of the production site by Boeing, USA
Qualification of the panel production by Buderus Sell, Germany

Incorporation of EURO COMPOSITES® Corporation in Culpeper

Incorporation of the production site EURO COMPOSITES® GmbH, Bitburg, Germany

Our Center of Excellence resumes work in a separate building

EC starts on a 2500 m² production area (Hall 12) into the production of assemblies for aircraft interiors (structures like for example Galleys)

Expansion of the production area from 7000 m² to 9020 m² at EURO-COMPOSITES® Corporation in Culpeper Virginia, USA

Realization of new shipping area with larger storage capacity. The available area of former shipping department (Hall 4) is now used for production of railway components

New Hall 4 + 5 at EURO-COMPOSITES® Corporation in Culpeper Virginia, USA
(Extension of honeycomb production and added value products)

Start of production in Hall 6.1 for Space & Defense Products with our ultra-precise CNC-machine and one of the largest cleanrooms in Europe for space applications

Qualification according to EASA 21 subpart J, EC becomes a design organization. EC is qualified by the Luxembourgian Government as a NATO supplier

Production facilities for the manufacturing of aluminum honeycomb in alloys 5052 and 5056 in Bitburg, Germany